Information and work ethics from Icelandic purchasers that STÁLGRINDARHÚS must work by:

A. STÁLGRINDARHÚS only sends the producer Arcitectural drawings. After that Icelandic purchasers may invest in all Structural steel drawings, calculations (3D model), workshopsdrawings and all assembling drawings from the producer.

B. STÁLGRINDARHÚS sends the producer all arcitectural drawings calculation and drawings ready made for production.

On the layout time a and one the product time englis speaking engineer (his agency) from the producer must take full responsabillity on daily questions from, and answers to the Icelandic buyers engineers and RB – IRBI (Icelandic Research Building Institution). Sent data, drawings, load and norms can not be changed. The producer must send any suggestions for changes by e-mail to be accepted by the purchaser’s engineers.

The producer (with his agency) must hold together and stay in contact with the cub.steel manufactors such as Z/C-profiles, claddings manufactors window manufactors, door manufactors and other who provide products for any given project. Producer must guarantee that all products manufactors get the right conditions and specifications for a tender, drawings, loads and norms and that the products meet the expetations that are required.

Exspecially regarding high standards of wall corners wind suck and the first 3 m inwards from edge of roofs in Iceland!!! Often there has to be added extra strengthening, Z profile and or extra steel constructions to be up to standards.

Smokhatches often cover from 1 %, up to 5 % of the roofs of Icelandic buildings. Plastic (Polycarbonat) that melts quickly by low tempeture is often used.

Producer holds together and givesprice offers for the whole package to STÁLGRINDARHÚS (in tables). Technical specifications must come with claddings, windows and doors.

The price offer must include estimated weight (Tons) and cubic meters (m3.) along with cargo costs to.(FAS – Incoterms 2000). (Numbers of 40 ft Containers must be estimated). Amounts of steel and claddings Amounts of steel and claddings are PRELIMINARY and can change after finishing design work, unit prices will remain unchanged.

The price offer must include time and price calculations assembling the building in Iceland and also, expences for travelling for workers to Iceland and back. Separate we calculated the price for crane work, tools, accommodation, total numbers of workers and food for the workers in Iceland.

All price offers shall be the total price without VAT.

STÁLGRINDARHÚS  shall get information about, and estimate with producer, the cost of producers engeenering and its agency right in the start of each project.

In Iceland there is a short time from conditions and specifications for a tender until the price offer must have been forwarded.

The common time scale for to STÁLGRINDARHÚS to broker a sale and contract is a about 1 – 2 month after the price offer has been finalised.